Friday, February 19, 2010

uphill traffic and nordic skiing

Well, the story hit the papers, so nothing is hidden anymore. I still hope there is some room for compromise. Cutting out all night traffic really hurts a lot of people. I have already heard many complaints, but they need to be constructive to have any legitimacy.

Went for a skate ski at round meadows yesterday, late morning into the early afternoon. The coverage there is outstanding, and while they are doing a better than usual job with grooming, it is not an everyday occurrence. So there was still quite a bit of frozen ruts, making some of the downhill sections a bit nervous. So while the terrain at round meadows is as good as anywhere, the grooming at Stillwater remains the best.

I ran into a couple gals who were out for a walk with their dogs, and since they saw I had two as well, they mentioned a deer kill down just off the trail I was just entering, Chechenko. They were concerned it was from a mountain lion, which may have still been nearby. Well before it, I was warned of the location. Usually when I have observed birds flying off a kill like this, it will be one bald eagle, and half a dozen or more ravens, and perhaps a few magpies. But this was just the opposite. No fewer than 6 bald eagles took to the air, and only one raven. I wish I could have observed them while they were still on the carcass.

Two new slide incident reports on the GCAC website. One from a snowmobilier, one from a skier. No burial on injuries, but with warm temps and sunny skis, stability seems to have decreased somewhat. Anyone?

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