Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Mountain Up Hill Traffic

Just got word the other day in the shop that really soon Big Mtn will be changing their uphill traffic policies - ugghhh!!! They will allow uphillers on Toni Matt only and only between 6:30am-4:30pm daily. I guess the problem is people have been complaining that early morning corduroy has been carved up by late night skiers. We'll keep you posted on this..........................


  1. This subject came up a month or so ago.

    At that time I talked to both the Flathead National Forest(758-5200) and the marketing director of Whitefish Mountain Resort(WMR), Donnie Clapp (862-1948).
    They both assured me that nothing of the sort was in the works.

    The Forest Service hadn't heard anything about it. They also told me that WMR would need to talk to them before any restrictions like that could be legally implemented.

    Donnie Clapp (WMR marketing) told me there was no talk of it and that restricting access(by WMR) would take liability away from the USFS and put it on the shoulders of WMR, something they don't want to incur, and therfore, most likely, would NEVER be talked about.

    Being that these are government officials and marketing folks that I talked to, I'm sure everything I was told is on the up-and-up.

    If you doubt it, or want to hear for yourselves, maybe voice your concerns, call the above numbers.
    After all, these are the people who are supposedly talking about whether or not you can continue to hike up the hill when your done with work.
    Flathead National Forest Office 758-5200
    WMR marketing, Donnie Clapp 862-1948

  2. let's make some calls folks. i can see limiting where the daytime traffic goes for safety. but stopping nighttime traffic. no f-ing way.

  3. I was told last Sat. night 2/13/10 by a patrol person that they were going to start regulating hours. I brought up the public land issue and she said that it was private land access so that it could be regulated. Hmmm... I think that they are going to have a struggle regulating this, but people need to be made aware of what is going on.