Tuesday, February 16, 2010

soup de jour

okay, before my ski report, some comments. 
let's start off with the big one.  sounds like the mountain management is getting serious about uphill limitations.  PLEASE read the post from rmo and the comments by kj.  and then make some calls.  lets try to be persausive.

second.  i sure wish brad would post more often, as his are by far the best and most enjoyable, with the best pictures.  how, though, with that group (if there is an A team in the flathead, the group he went with on this trip is IT!), did they start out predawn and still end up two hours late.  just had to do one more run, didn't you?!  actually i am quite sure with these guys, it was an epic.  i wish i had been there, but then again, with old and chubby along, they would have been 6 hours late. 

okay, as far as what i have found.  got up on the hill yesterday, in as thick a fog as we get. in the parking lot, i could not see two cars in front of me.  so i was not surprised when my new dog and newly discovered "escape artist", found her way to the lift while i was still putting on the boots. fortunately, she does come to my whistle, so we averted any issues.  i will keep a better eye on her though. 

but the lift rose thru the fog and into some clear skies at the bottom of the face.  and the skiing was good throughout the mountain.  it was a mixture of spring skiing with small dashes of powder. of course, with our lack of snow, there are moguls everywhere.  fun but not like deep.  unless you have been watching the olympics and are all amped up after the freestyle comps.  kind of makes my knees ache just watching them, but boy, can they fly!!!

so with a little snow in the forecast, the skiing should remain adequate and fun.  i am still rooting for a return to normal weather and snow patterns in march. 


  1. ...and he uses correct punctuation too!!!

  2. oh noooooo! the grammar police have arrived, and just like the real police, they don't want anyone to know their name or number. but they expect full respect. hmmm. i guess i will just have to watch my p's and q's and ,'s, .'s, !'s, etc.

  3. Look at it this way:punctuation is just more rules (subject-verb disagreement, crap!), and you've already stated you don't like rules, so you're consistent at least! (if a bit humourless...) (more incorrect punctuation, shit, it's contagious.)

  4. Wait that wasn't subject verb disagreement.Damn.What's YOUR favorite color? hahahaha