Monday, February 8, 2010

one week into febuary

yep, another dry feb.  pretty normal.  i am hoping march will bring a weakening of the el nino affect, and hence more moisture to the area.  for now, there is still plenty of soft turns on north and east aspects, up above 6000 feet, and the touring is fun.  pretty easy to go a long way.  but it sure would be nice to ski  some deep powder. 
i went touring out of hamilton, mt last week, for four days.  the bitterroots are a steep and rugged mountain range, and very rocky.  i forget how gentle our terrain can be.  i have never done more base damage to my skis in a short period of time.  the scraping sound of ski on rock just became standard.  but we were able to find some good skiing.  if you think el nino has been tough here, go to ravalli county, and the bitterroots.  it is THIN!  but we were able to get up to 8000 feet quite easily, and find nice turns on north and easterly aspects.  unfortunately, the south and westerly aspects were too thin and the snowpack too unconsolidated to make it even worth trying.  spring time. 
so now i am home, waiting for some more snow, and skiing as much nordic as anyone can enjoy, as it continues to be a solid choice for exercise and fun.


  1. CBM, hush your mouth. Those of us in the Southern Rockies are enjoying El Nino, thank you very much. We do not want it to weaken. Sorry, all's fair in love and storm system tracks.

  2. i guess we had better hit the highway and head south. i am organizing about 1000 ppl to head to nm and crush the deep.