Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the hill

well, the big has opened a few runs, and things are okay, but marginal is really the best i can give it. and with lots of natural objects to avoid,to go with all the ants flying down the hill, it is a bit dicey up there. but, it is still outside, in the fresh air, making turns and getting exercise, so it is better than spending all day on this machine. add it both uphill routes are open, and it is worth the drive.

still, we are missing nordic dramatically, and really need some valley snow. it will come, i know, but i am really missing it, and the dogs needs some powder to play in too.

Friday, December 9, 2011

skiing anyone?

well, i have found a bit of skiing in the BC that is not too bad, and in fact, is quite good. but, since i did not go there on my own volition, i cannot say exactly where, since i have been reprimanded for this practice before. but let's just say the places that are okay right now are the same ones we often go to early in the season, when other prospects just have too much bushwacking to justify the effort. anyone got a heli?

our beloved mountain continues to lack snow, but i did ski down the face on tuesday, and it was okay. thin and risky, but decent turns. Tony Matt now has enough snow, and has had enough groomer traffic that it is skiable to the bottom, so this becomes a more viable option. with the resort opening tomorrow, we are really going to need to add snow, as the weekend will certainly trash what is there.

if you have time and some money, head north, as much of BC continues to do well, as a massive high pressure system out in the pacific has pushed storms to the north, not allowing them to make it to us. "none shall pass" as the saying goes in the old Monty Python flick.

so that is really all there is right now. can probably still get on the bike if you want to fend off the cold and a bit of snow, but i have resolved to leave mine in the carport, hanging for the winter, happy with a good summers use.

Friday, December 2, 2011

early december

well, the snow has not come yet. not really, and the mountain has officially delayed its opening. time for a few more hikes up the hill, but man, come on ullr, we need some help here. time to burn a few pairs of skis, i believe. i will do my part this weekend.

in the meantime, the biking has been holding up. sure, biking in december is not on the top of my priority list, but there it is. the trails are dry and clear. it is outdoors and it is exercise, so it remains better than sitting and waiting for la nina to hit.

or, go north, as much of canada is apparently getting pounded, so now is as good a time as any to get out of WF and hit the road.

more when it snows.

rich marriott

hello all,

sorry for such an informal, mass email. yesterday, reading the pilot (proof that every now and then you can read something of worth in this "rag"), i saw a story on Rich Marriot. he has a rare cancer that is affecting his immune system, and of course, his insurance (how many of us have insurance we "assume" will be there when we need it. but of course, we don't need any kind of fix to our health care system) is refusing to cover much of his expenses. many of you may not know him, but if you have ever skied off the Big Mountain, i bet you have heard names that are directly tied to him, or he was part of (ex. Marriot's, Chicken Bones, Deviled Egg). anyway to keep this short, there is a fundraiser tomorrow night, Saturday, December 3, at the Moose Lodge in Whitefish. Starting at 5 pm, it is a chili dinner, with music (the Bad Larry's), live and silent auction and more. this is one of those "must" events, in my mind.