Monday, February 22, 2010

It's right there on the Map. Secret spo... Mt. Grant.

Could the USFS determine that Backcountry skiing is dangerous, could
cause serious bodily injury or even death and
make you stay home and watch OSHA approved safety
videos on backcountry skiing? Likely not, but that thing
on the end of your pole, looks dangerous!

Nine cars parked at Rescue Creek, glad I didn't go skiing there.
It is one of the best spots though in the whole Middle Fork corridor.
Skiing is still holding up pretty good.
We did see several 14"- 20" slabs that had pulled out,
size 2 that ran anywherefrom 800'- 2000', with similar elevation loss on a variety of aspects. Most likely ran on facets that developed a couple of weeks. Last weeks storm that was accompanied by strong winds pushed around just enough snow to overload some things. Not big enough to bury you, but you could go for quite a ride, lose some gear, break a few bones, go over a cliff.... Snow on the way? Might be a good time to pay a bit of extra attention since we haven't really had to for the past few weeks.

Still some nice skiing out there.

Those are some sweet goggles. Are they new?

E.P. enjoying some tea time on top of Mt. Grant.

East face of Mt. Grant.

J.K. sliding towards home for a Red Beer.

Maybe a Rolling Rock would taste better?


  1. Punctuation still excellent.
    Line breaks failing though.
    I'm hanging with you so far...