Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Big Liebigski

Really, was it worth it? That 6:30am start, boy is it busy down here, this is like spring, there's not much snow, I hope the snow softens up, I forgot my THERMOS, the constant thought that you made a commitment to be home to hang with your family by 4 Ol'Clock.

Yes, it's really busy in the Middle Fork this year.

Not so bushy and great views of St. Nick. E.P. on the way up using
those high heel pegs.

The Objective, Mt. Liebig.

Going up!

That's a BIG cornice.

Going down.

Really its a good time to get out and get after it. Despite the lack of any significant snow over the past several weeks the skiing remains good and the stability has been Very Good. Good skiing down to 4200', freezing level 4500', mixed bag of snow types from soft wind deposited snow, sun crust, wind slab... just about anything you could think of is out there.

Two hours late, "Sorry and the promise of dinner still stands(E, buys the Kokanee though)". Thanks"L" for being understanding of your husband, I know he thinks you are the greatest and a super excellent mom.


  1. Yo Brad,
    Very nice indeed. Even with a real job and all. I spent the weekend getting real with the kids at Great Divide. Looks like your turns were better.

  2. Brad,
    Did E pay you?
    Missing the mustache,

  3. No, not a pre-dawn start...it was just really that bushy (or "busy") below 4k to make it seem like dark. Like the G.H. style lines. Great day indeed, Brad.