Saturday, February 13, 2010

some snow!

okay, it is not deep, but it is powder.  it is better than at this point last week. so we are moving in the right direction.  i have not been in the backcountry for a bit, so i am wondering how this new snow is bonding to the old snowpack.  is any of that surface hoar causing problems? 

colleen from RMO is now sending in info on nordic skiing throughout the valley. this is a great addition.  thanks.

back by popular demand, my rant on the parking issues at the (still) Big.  yes, i actually had two people tell me they missed my insight on this issue. of course, it could be because they had been drinking. 

but as usual, the parking in the cedar lot has remained nearly empty, while the majority of the locals try to squeeze into the dogwood lot.  i am now shopping for an old beat up celica of something like that, that i can drive into i ditch if it allows me to stay away from parking below chair six.  what would it take to get management to try something different?  we need a mole to invade the corrupt attitude in the corporation.  unfortunately, as far as i can tell, the people who run the place are already moles, or some other kind of subterrainian varmints, that cannot see or hear the issues of us locals.  so i will keep looking for that tiny piece of crap car that can fit anywhere, and that i don't care if it gets hit or towed. 

the forecast has moisture in it, but not much accumulation. let's hope they are just a bit off in their predictions. 

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