Tuesday, February 23, 2010

general info

well, we should hear sometime today.  no more uphill traffic after 4:30. starting march 1.  so get out there while you can.  word has it this is not set in stone, but a starting point.  i have no recollection of something being taken away and then given back, but maybe we can get lucky on this one. 

skiing is holding up, but backcountry is the place to be.  just look at the two posts by brad and pete.  great job and thanks. 

on the hill, it has been beautiful, but cold, so not corning up at all. although corn would be more fun, it is better for long term snowpack to keep it frozen. 

on the nordic end.  you can look at updates on grooming for the golf course, round meadows and stillwater on http://www.glaciernordicclub.com/  .  i can tell you that as of monday afternoon, feb 22, no grooming had been done for four days at round meadows.  it is frozen and rutted.  difficult for classic or skate.  hopefully they get on that today. 

the olympics have been great.  the best winter olympics ever for the US.  the men's hockey tourny has been super, and will just get better.  6 great teams.  the women's has been painfully boring, with no one close to either the US or Canada. but they meet in the finals on thursday at 4:30 pm,  and that will be "a war" in the words of fitzy.

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