Monday, October 24, 2011

fall colors

well, i finally got in my favorite fall ride, Reid Divide, on Saturday. we drove to the pass, as the weather was less than perfect, to keep out time on the bikes minimal, and try to not get too caught out in the rain. it worked out well, as we finished 10 minutes ahead of some strong rain and dropping temps. unfortunately, we had arranged a shuttle with my wife, but my time estimate was off by an hour, so we huddled under the bridge in the Tally Lake campground for an hour. fortunately, we had dry clothes, and cold beer (really needed that, right?)

the colors were brilliant, and the day started off with a beautiful surprise, as medium sized dark grey wolf ran across the star meadow road just ahead of us. Awesome! i did not however, report this siting to the hunter i spoke with later, as he proudly festooned his truck with a "save an elk, kill a wolf" sticker. the selfish human race.

yesterday i rode with a buddy who spends his summers on the east side, working trail for the park. gone for the summer, and rarely on his bike, we drove to the new parking lot at the Beaver Lake road, and rode the entire new northern section. again, perfect colors, just a bit of rain, and perfect tacky trail conditions. this is just a great time of year to ride, and a good time to take the dogs too, as it is not too hot, and plenty of puddles and damp underbrush. of course, it is hunting season, so if you are somewhere where there are hunters, dress the pup up in some colors, and perhaps yourself, as some of those folks out there with high powered rifles are not always so careful about what they are shooting at.

spent the afternoon yesterday helping with a garlic planting at Purle Frog and today i will get mine in the ground. probably about a week left to do that. the weather is supposed to stay warmish, but unsettled. good for finishing fall chores and getting the garden put away. also good for keeping the brilliant splashes of yellow and red around just a bit longer.

and with unsettled weather, comes the hope for an early and long winter. i always hope to max out my fall thru october, then just wait for the goods. should they come early and often.