Friday, July 30, 2010

i'm back

well, it has been a month, so most of you are probably not even looking. but i am going to get back on it, as things are starting to happen in life. well, you know, summer is in full swing, so there is more to talk about.

i did my first race in the Big Mountain summer series last night. first race up there ever. and first bike race of any kind in over 20 years. and i got my butt kicked. i tried not to go out too hard, but got caught between those i wanted to pass and those i did not want to pass me, on the initial climb right out of the box. and immediately i got into severe lung burn, that did not go away completely until this am. i guess i am not in race shape. but i finished in under an hour, (two laps) and likely was first (and only) in my over 50 age group, but that is no longer a group. it is only "veterans" of over 40. i will never even make it into the top three in this group. but it was fun and i hope to continue, perhaps a it smarter next time. and better warmed up.

MA and i went to the Calgary Folk Music Festival last weekend. a lot of driving for 2 1/2 days, but fun and worth it. a really well run affair, with lots of good food, beer and music. 7 different tents with all kinds of music. NOT just folk. raggae, ska, rock, roots, blues, gospel (don't knock gospel, it can be the best music of any show), etc. the worst for us though, was that roberta flack was the final act, sunday night at 9pm and we had to leave the same night at 6. or not go to work on monday, which was not an option.. two really cool things at this fest. first, they were very lax on what you could bring in. we brought in some premade cocktails, and easily got some ice here and there to cool them off. you can bring in your own food, cooler, sodas, etc. you are not supposed to have alcohol outside of the beer garden, but if you kept it mellow. (come on, it was a folk festival. how roudy are a middle age couple going to get anyway?) Two, they were recycling or composting almost everything. cutlery, glasses and paper were all compostible, plates were real. you paid a $2 deposit and got it back with the return. but the one thing i thought was weird. they were not recycling plastics. something about the garbage and recycling contract did not include plastics. come on! even here in the anti-environment capital of Flathead county, we can recycle plastic 1&2. which also broght to me the question. which is better.
Recycling or

so i amazingly have still not been out fishing, boating or on any epic bike rides. august and september are my months to change all that. the time has come and summer is short.