Thursday, February 18, 2010

too many rules

life has too many rules. 

cops are out busting people for driving 3mph thru a stop sign, while kids are smoking crack around every corner.  (as reported by an anonymous nurse).

the ski resort wants to limit uphill traffic because one or two skiers dare to ride to close behind a groomer, thereby ruining the new corduroy.  (although they will say it is a hazard because they are not aware of the skier, i have been scolded myself for the prior, not the latter).   yes, this has become a real issue. i talked with a forest service officer who said she is indeed going to meet with chet powell at the big mountain and talk about limitations.  some of the issues are real.  people, come on. don't walk up the middle of a ski run during the day, don't ski too close to groomers at night, and please, if you see a winch-cat groomers, stay away from it.  would you walk onto a construction sight and right under a crain hauling a huge load?  i hope not!  but i believe some of the issues are just more points on an agenda of new ownership and control.  god forebid someone has fun up on the resort in a way no one can collect some cash.

then of course there is my biggest peeve.  dogs.  how is it possible i can go onto state or federal land and not be allowed to have my dogs.  no, not the park, or a ski resort, where the concerns are real. but why can i take my dogs skiing on this nordic trail, but not this one?  are dogs really any more problematic to wild life than the humans that are using the various trails?  once there is substantial human impact, the dogs are just superfluous.  if there is a problem dog, then deal with it. just like on the ski hill, if someone consistenly causes a problem hiking up in traffic, or skiing too near a groomer, don't blame the public at large. 

so, thinking of skiing. yes this is at heart, a blog on recreation, i have been doing lots of nordic over the last few weeks, as the ski resort skiing is pretty mediocre.  not bad, just not great.  but the nordic has been great.  therein came the problem with the dogs.  but that is enough about that.  the skiing at stillwater continues to be great.  fast!  the skiing out at round meadows has been great too. they have been grooming out there more regularly this year, making skating an option on most days.  (thanks much to the usfs getting whatever money it can to the volunteers who make that happen).  but i went to the WF golf course yesterday, and they are hurting.  too much warm weather and sun.  i only skied the north loop, and by 11 am it was super mushy and and soft.  and there were numerous puddles clogging the lanes, and too huge puddles causing detours.  i would expect, without some new snow, for this one to not last much into march.  so early am is the call there, or after dark might be good as well. 

in the meantime, the touring remains remarkable.  no, not deep pow, but stable and easy travel.  take a hint from brad and go BIG!

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