Wednesday, June 30, 2010

more on swan 100

although the swancrest is not going to be run as an official race, it is still going on as a non-organized event, with the plan of making it official next year, or soon. so my idea of lots of people showing up is to be ignored for the time being. maybe we can do something later in the summer to raise money and help this event become official. for now, let's hope that a good crowd of the serious ultra-marathon folks still show up to run, and hope they have great weather.

well, after a very wet 3-4 weeks, and spring in general, summer has come in with abondon. warm and sunny, although the next few days look a bit cooler. and remember, once we get thru july 4th, it is all guaranteed great weather. okay, maybe not, but usually july and august get pretty hot and dry. should be another great summer.

Monday, June 28, 2010

sunny and warm

now this is some good weather. even as it cools off later this week, it is still going to be great. even if we have a few thunderstorms. nothing wrong with that, and right now lightening is not too much of a threat.

so mountain biking continues to be great, and the rivers are slowing down, for more boating and fishing should be getting better all the time. i have not been on any great adventures of yet, but they are not too far away. althought the word is that there is still lots of snow up around 7000' and less on northern aspects. so if you were really into it, i am sure there is some skiing to be had, beyond just the Going to the Sun Road and Logan Pass.

the TRail Runs Thru It, now officially the Whitefish Trail, is set to officially open on July 17, with events in town and on the trail that day. of course, it is open for daily use right now, but there are not signs up as yet. sounds like some last loops closer to the main trailhead at Lion Mtn. Loop are just about done, and super fun.

unfortunately, if you have not read a paper in weeks and had not heard, brad lamson has officially decided NOT to run his 100 mile Swan Crest race as an official race. but it is still going on as a non-sanctioned, no charge event. so anyone feeling it should continue training. but if 100 miles seems too much, i am trying to get some folks to go down and do lesser rides or runs and maybe throw some support to brad and Montana Conservation Corps, which is set to reap any proceeds. Unfortunately Keith Hammer (aka: ASSHOLE with nothing better to do) has forced the issue to where it was likely to cost race organizers and the USFS money in EA's and litigation. so i am trying to set up some support so that maybe this can become an event on the Swan. please post some comments and thoughts about this entire soap opera.

okay, summer is short. time to get outside.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

more rain

went to seattle for the weekend. sounds like there was less rain there than here. since it happened to be the weekend before the solstice, and we were able to catch the 27th annual Fremont Solstice Parade. somewhere along the way, this festive parade was joined in by a group of byclists who i believe did so unofficially. they are now the higlight of the parade, as they ride loop after loop, NAKED! before the official start. in fact, they have brought in a naked mentallity to the entire affair, that sounds like it was for a while quite wild and crazy. now it is just a fun parade with a bit of debauchery, but mostly mild.

now we are back, and it sounds like it rained all weekend. yesterday was huge. and as wet as it has been, i have been informed by a fire and forestry expert, that in three or so short weeks of dry and hot, we will be back into fire territory. our soils are just so porous and weather so dry and non-humid, things change quickly. but at least for now i am assured our chances of a crown fire (the worst) are zero.

so, what is going on out there. what rivers are still providing good fishing, boating or viewing? of course, trail riding is okay if you don't mind getting wet and muddy. i am sure there is some good skiing, again, if you don't mind being wet, and likely cold.

i went to the DNRC's tour of the spencer trails system and advisory to upcoming logging. they are trying hard to sound positive towards recreation, and i believe them. i have been in several conversations towards making some of the trails "official". i am hoping for this to happen as early as this fall. at worst, it seems the state will allow heavy flagging of trails, so loggers can more easily avoid trails with their skidders and slash. i will try to keep this progress posted.

with all this water, i just have not been out doing much, so don't have much to report. so, as usual, hope others will join in with stories and input.

Monday, June 14, 2010

great weekend

well, the weather certainly came thru, and so everyone should have been busy. we certainly were over here in millerland. lots of biking, beer and relaxing. some time in the garden and yard. the days are about as long as they are going to get, so the time is now to be outdoors for more time than less.

bikefish week went well, but inclement weather took away from participants in our many guided rides. NO one showed up friday night, so pete and i just went out to pig farms and rode until dark. we did have a group of 11 yesterday out at pig farms, and showed some new folks some good times. it seems to me that that area gets more and more use. we had a few young adults, and a couple of young kids. the kids did well, but you really have to cater to their abilities.

it always seems funny to me to, to see the bikes people ride. not everyone has a tricked out, full suspension, disk brake machine. and it shows in their riding. but youth prevails, and they are able to counter bad bikes with energy.

the bike races went well this weekend. saturday's criterium had a big turnout of spectators and participants. and the kids race was huge. possibly one hundred 8 and unders rode one lap of the crit. one ringer, who was hundreds of yards in front of the rest. but they all had fun, and it was great to watch. hope for even more activities and attendance next year.

anyone watching the World Cup? it has been fantastic. US got a bit lucky to tie england, but we'll take it. if we continue to play as well, the second round should happen. then, who knows.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Man, has it been wet. but this weekend looks great, so time to get out there for a longer day.

still, the riding at least has been good. i imagine the boating is a bit washed out, at least the middle fork, but sounds like the swan is GREAT. anyone been on the Stillwater? And fishing? sounds like people are out there. anyone want to share a good river or two. not the section, just the river.

the new "Whitefish Trail" (was the trail runs thru it) is in great shape. and pete is working 6 days a week to get more open. but, pete and i learned the other day, as simple as it seems, one can get misplaced.

we led a group of six along the trail on wednesday evening, as part of Bikefish. we went from the Lion Mtn Loop trailhead, went up past Gogan's "driveway" which is near his new gate (this gate probably cost what many of us have into our homes. oh to be a billionaire). we decided as a group, to continue up to the next vantage point, about 10 minutes away. we had one novice rider, and a few minutes from the road, he decided he had had enough, and turned around. i should have gone with him, but the rest of the group was several minutes ahead, and i wanted to let them know, and he said, repeatedly, he was fine. so i tried to make sure he knew what trails NOT to go down, and he reiterated he was fine. so i joined the rest of the group. when we returned to the grouse mountain tennis courts from where we had started, his car was gone, so we were sure he was fine. after a bit more conversation, we all went our separate ways. only as i got into my car did he ride by. he waved hello and said he was fine, and i never saw him again. so, not sure what happened, but as he had been tired and ready to quit, i am pretty sure he did not purposely add to his ride. but somehow he had extended his ride, considerably.

maybe i should not be a guide? tonight, pete and i are leading another ride on the WFT. tonight, we are bringing cell phones and asking individuals their riding levels and experience. better safe than sorry.

let's hope for great weather, riding, boating, fishing, skiing, climbing or just hanging out with cold beverages.

Monday, June 7, 2010

here is the official spot to see what is going on and to link to comment to the usfs. please get on board on this. this should be a super cool event, and have little to no impact on the trail, bears, or land. the biggest impact is on the sickos that are running this race.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

summer is getting busy

even if the weather does not cooperate, there is a ton of fun stuff going on in the next few weeks. and a few opportunities to lend a helping hand.

take a look at these websites for tons of info. the next two weeks are chock full of fun and opportunities to help and support the community.

i will be leading, with pete, the tours on the TRTI, now officially called the "whitefish trail", as well as sunday's ride at the pig farms. come join us.

come see the film on sunday, june 13.

come watch some pro bikers in their criterium, in town.

but just check out the websites for more info.

hope to see you,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

june 1

it sure looks like a wet start to the rainy season, and as usual, we need the moisture. of course, we all want a sunny day or three, but just remember, each day of rain puts off summer fires just a little bit more. and since this was looking like a catacylmic fire season just a month ago, i am not ready to complain, yet.

i still like to think that every day at this time of year offers some openings when you can get out and play. it seems like once you get started riding, hiking or fishing, a bit of rain is not horrendous. an example. we were in ovando this long weekend, and the weather there was not much better than here. but we waited for our window, and got in two good hikes and a great ride in helena yesterday. we woke on monday to rain, but called a couple of shops in helena, and got word that it had remained mostly dry, with on brief showers forecast for memorial day. so we loaded up bikes and dogs, a few beers and snacks, and headed south. sure, we did get some rain, and a bit of mud, but overall, a great ride. in fact, it made the weekend. so no regrets.

today is the first farmers market downtown. not the best weather, but sure to be fun. time to get the rest of the garden done, get the flowers in, all that make summer so wonderful. so zip up the raincoat, carry some rain pants, and head on out.