Thursday, March 29, 2012

March nears the end

Yes, March is about over, and things are quickly moving towards springtime activities, but WAIT! There is snow in the air, and in the forecast! Actually, quite a bit of it. Too bad we are coming into a weekend, but things should be pretty fun if we even get only the lower amounts of the predicted snowfall. Some creamy, damp snow to cover up some ruts and frozen mank and bring in the end of a pretty good month and season overall.
This can be a great time of year, and usually is. Although we do not typically get any kind of predictable freeze/thaw cycle, there is usually some good snow up high and the occasional snowfall making for some great spring powder runs.

But one can also get out on their bike. Sure the roads are dry, but some trails are starting to shape up as well. On Tuesday, I checked out the WF Trail, and it was 80% clear and dry, all the way to the Goegan Rd., about 4 miles along. Past that, it is mostly still frozen snow, but some valley rain should begin to take care of that.

Also, the fisherpeople are out and about, as the temps warm up and the trout start to feed. Before the big meltdowns can be an awesome time to drop a few tight lines and get your summer season rolling.

For the highly motivated, it is a great time to multiple event in a day. You can do all of the above, plus some more if you want to.

Why Not?!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring has sprung

Yep, that seems to be the case. Hope you'all are ready, because biking is near upon us, the fisher's have been out and about, the dogs are getting restless, and, well, that is just what seems to be what the weather gods and mom nature has in store. Certainly does not mean it will not snow again, as i feel confident we will have a powder day or two to go. But the valley seems well on its way to open up and get going on other activities.
I usually start out March hoping for more winter, and if it comes, remaining a ski bum first and foremost. However, if it does not, and spring pushes forward, I start to really look forward to getting back on the bike and back into the garden. And this year will be different out in the garden. (Like everyone else into gardening, I say this every year. But this is the one)

In the meantime, there is still plenty of snow in the mountains. The problem is the conditions are only so-so. The avalanche danger seems to be coming down, but the different layers out there make the skiing not so good, and the chances of big slides remains high enough to keep most of not so hugely ambitious-home. So what am I doing? Heading to Canada, where snowfall continues and area skiing is sure to be great, but we are going backcountry, and the avy conditions are High! And with more snow on the way, not sure how things will pan out, but we have a great group of friends from different posts, so the party will rage.

Hope some of you are finding the goods, and if you are, maybe let a few of us know!