Tuesday, March 16, 2010


hard to complain about sunshine. and actually yesterday, as nice as it was, it did not get too soft. it is spring skiing, and it is what we have for now, so may as well enjoy it.

some snow is expected this week, but likely to be another 2" storm, at best. but at least some cooler temps and clouds should help keep the snow around and the season going.

frabert on a st. patrick's day! that can only be fun.

i really wish i had more to input here, but there just is not. i have not been out on any great tours. i am sure some others have, but maybe nothing epic or funny. perhaps as we get into more avy cycles with warm spring temps we might hear some interesting stories. i did hear there was a big avalanche in revelstoke, with a couple dead, but not much about it.

wear sunscreen.

beer is your friend.

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