Sunday, March 28, 2010

cool and cloudy

yep, the weather turned cool and cloudy, and today the skiing stayed stiff. especially the top half of the hill. the bottom half was better, but far from the spring slush we have been enjoying. and unfortunately, the forecast is for more of the same, although we might get lucky with an inch or two.

i am hoping for some nice weather for the final weekend.

one nice thing about this poor winter is biking and boating are already getting close. yep, i have been out a couple of times on the mountain bike and some trails are starting to be pretty ridable. what is still snow covered are the access roads to the trails, like at spencer mountain. i have not been out to the pig farms, but bet there is some riding to be done there. i will be checking that out as soon as th hill closes.

and fishing? anyone been getting on the rivers at all? most lakes still have ice on them, but i have seen a couple boats on flathead river, on the warm, sunny days. should be a good early season on that front as well.

also, it is going to be green way before the norm here. oh, not like seattle or anything, where i imagine many flowers are already in bloom, but still we should see grass starting to grow, trees starting to bloom, and before too long, the first tulips and other bulbs should be pushing their way to the surface.

of course, if the weather persists with this lack of snow, we could all be shut indoors by july, as smoke would likely fill the valley. lets hope for some good spring storms and june rains.

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