Thursday, March 18, 2010

no new snow

nope, nothing new to shout out about.

more sun, but the snow is holding up. it will be very thin at the end of the season, but we should make it.

just hiked up via the new uphill route. not as easy as taking it thru the benches. at least we have that much though, and hopefully more come this spring and next season. keep those comments going to the resort and the USFS.

did have the lucky opportunity to run into old todd williams at day's end yesterday. i missed him last time he came thru. always fun to catch up with old friends. wish some of them would move back to town, but that is just a part of life.

i did just learn that an old high school friend died of a heart attack just 9 days after turning 50. man, life can be fleeting. having just turned that age myself, it makes it just a bit more real that i am no longer a young man.

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