Thursday, March 11, 2010

new snow, really

yes, we did get some new snow. 2". "the year of the 2" storm" was spoken last night at frabert. it helped, but really, that stiff snow still lurks underneath. this was obviously not a powder day, as i skied a completely untracked line near chair four at four. i would say it was C+.

as i read big dave's reports, and watch some people just ski enthusiastically every day, i admire their consistency. but i just cannot match it. perhaps for me it is just because i can no longer take some non prescription meds that make skiing less mundane, even when it is just groomers. (do i need better drugs?) or perhaps i am not young enough in mind. (perhaps i should grow a mustache, (see post from last week) or even better, a scruffy beard preferred by the under 25 crowd). or maybe, just maybe, we need more snow. like 10". and a week of it. but it is 2010, the year of the 2" storm.

is anyone else starting to think about mountain biking, hiking, fishing and boating?

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