Monday, March 1, 2010

spring skiing

well, it is officially spring skiing now. cold, clear nights,and warm, sunny days. it is fun and beautiful, and enjoy it while we can. if this weather persists, our season will be short lived.

nordic skiing is HURTING. still fun and fast early in the day, but all areas are showing exceptional amounts of dirt, grass and ice. sketchy. except for blacktail. i have not been there this year, but reports are outstanding.

a good hike up last night, although not as many people as i thought there would be. but it was warm and wonderful on the way up. and as soon as the sun descended, it was cold and the snow refroze. so the skiing down was not going to be great. but who cared?

the moon rise was EXCEPTIONAL. and then the descent i agreed to with birthday boy, down inspiration, had incredible lighting, but very bad conditions, as it had not yet been groomed, and was refrozen ruts and grooves. when we got to places without moonlight, well, i could almost say dangerous, but let's just say difficult, so the mountain management does not find more reasons to take away our rights.

great efforts by the youth last night as well. parkin easily ascending the mountain, on trekkers (not the lightest or easiest gear), and the youngest, aiden, on some tele gear. we did not see him at the top, but he was having fun when we last saw him.

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  1. We made it up a little later than the designated start time but I was able to bring little Simon (Age 4) in tow and we braved the ruts before they got to stiff. Simon had a ball. I was sad to think that this was the last time he would see the sun set while ascending the mountain. This will have lasting effects on the local past time and with the longer days it saddens me to think that these rules should have ever been a consideration. We had fun seeing a lot of faces we don't get to see often. It is great to be part of such an active and wonderful community. Hang in there and don't be afraid to make your voices heard no matter how difficult the walls may seem. Cheers to all. ~ Greg Fortin