Monday, March 8, 2010

is it april?

yep, this weekend felt like the last weekend of ski season. beautiful blue skies and super warm temperatures. a fun hockey tourny, a beer fest, a fun and crazy event(the dummy derby, which should be during the last weekend)crowded decks at the stube and hellroaring. just a ton of fun. and we are, after all, ton of fun hogs!!! but it is early march, and the snow is melting fast. i hope we actually make it to the last weekend. but, if spring is going to continue its path, then the trails should begin to clear for some early season biking, hiking and running. the gardens can get an earlier start and maybe my tomatoes will ripen before the frost of fall take their toll. soon trees will be blooming, flowers will be coming out and grass will turn green. i guess that is not the worst of all things, really. but i sure hope we get one more powder day!

during this weekend i also had the chance to turn 50. and no, my life did not end. or change. but my head did hurt some.

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