Monday, March 22, 2010

it is official, spring

spring started out about perfect, if you are ready for spring. 50 degrees and total sunshine.

hopefully, if you had a day to pick to ski, you took saturday, with all the sun and warm weather. because sunday was overcast and cool, and nothing, i mean nothing! softened up. i skinned up again, trying to do something to keep up the interest, and found it quite difficult, as the run was frozen and slick. many hikers, including myself, did not even go to the top, as the steep pitch on super slick snow made for tough travel. leads me to continue to believe we need another route to supplement skiers right of toni matt.

with two weeks left, is it time for the late season snow storms? weather service is actually calling for 3-5 today, but with high winds. a few inches will certainly help, and mostly cool, overcast weather should ensure another two weeks of lift operations. but man, some lower mountain runs are certainly thin.

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