Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sticky or windy

or both. some of the strangest conditions i have seen. the wind was coming right up the front of the mountain. fortunately it was not cold, or it would have been brutal. the snow was spring like soft, but had a cohesiveness to your skis that was different. it was not like the "herky-jerky" of super wet spring snow. skis just did not slide on it. it actually took effort to get some momentum down the hill.

and while everyone, and i mean EVERYONE concurred about these conditions, there was RB saying how great it had been. if that guy were in a tornado, he would call it fun. it reminded me of a time some 15 years ago, when an old buddy who now resides in Jackson Hole, said "that was the best blue ice i've skied in over 10 years" to describe some of the worst, harder than a table top ice conditions we have seen here. oh, to be an optimist.

it keeps trying to snow, but it just is not in the cards. an inch or two, a short burst of snow and grapple, but the reality of winter 2010 is that it is spring.


  1. you got it. the pig. one of the best remarks, even by him, i have ever heard.