Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy new year and new snow

well, apparently the snow gods decided to wait for my wife and i to finish our travels and come home before opening up. i hope they unless the goods over the next several weeks.

we had a great trip to colorado, which has also had a fair amount of new snow, once you get past the front range. i got in a day at Arapahoe Basin, which is still a fantastic place to ski. the rumors before we got there were that it had gotten a bit warm, and perhaps we would be skiing scratchy, ice resurfaced snow. at 11000 +feet, on a mostly north facing slope. i could not believe it. and it was not true. the skiing was great. firm, mid winter snow pack. i think they are a bit spoiled up in their high country and need a blast of some real winter freeze like we often get when we get our annual rain to the top of the hill.

so without much new snow around here, i am guessing it has been pretty safe. i have not gotten any scary avy reports or incidents, so hope all has been a safe and happy holiday.

now come on skies, open up and unleash!!!!!!!!!!

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