Monday, January 24, 2011


as i sit writing, looking out my window as some new snow starts up here monday afternoon, i can only hope it continues to drop and build up for a nice mid week powder day. unfortunately i am house bound due to a head cold that just will not go away, and really attacked last night. savage.

the new snow seems to have settled well, and i don't really want to say it has bonded onto that super hard rain layer, it seems ok. not sure i will be jumping on top of any big pillows or steep shots, but there is some good powder skiing to be done. just part of a wacky winter.

i heard of a few good adventures, with mostly powder turns and not much movement in the snowpack.

winter carnival is coming up in less than two weeks. that always provides a few laughs, as does the horse pull coming up this weekend. it does not seem like there is really ever a break from some kind of event. just when you might think it is time to relax... but, how does the saying go?, "you can sleep when you are old."

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