Thursday, January 20, 2011

roller coaster

yep, that is our winter. a huge roller coaster ride. sub zero one day, perhaps rain a day or two later. some clear skis, some deep snow, but nothing has stayed consistent for more than 3 days. probably the most consistent weather has been the cold snaps, that have come often and stayed for about 3 days each.

if any of you read an earlier post, pre-ski season, about the "la nina" forecast and its likely affects, you might be wondering, "why all the rain". Me too. but it is only a forecast of likely conditions. it also discussed how to look at it like a deck of cards. a la nina winter was likely to have more aces come up. and this year, there might have even been more than four aces in the deck. well, so far, we have seen an ace or two, but just when you thought another had been turned up, after closer examination, it was a joker. a joker, for the card player, can be used as any card. but this deck is not actually in our hands, but being played out before us. so the determination of the joker is not up to us. otherwise, all the rain would be snow, we would have three feet in our yards, and not have ice on our driveways. (anyone else skating to their car or work?).

so perhaps the deck still has the extra aces and a few jokers looking our way. it is still early in winter, so no time to panic, just time to search the north sides for powder, be extra aware as new snow falls, and take what the heavens provide, because we can do nothing else.

and as i look out the window, i see some flurries beginning. hopefully the forecast of snow will prevail. sometimes our more sublime forecasts turn out to be our best.

lastly, i have not seen many (okay, none) comments or stories or reports. i hope you folks are still reading and getting out there. i have been out of town quite a bit of late, and sure could use some feedback and info. thanks.

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