Sunday, January 9, 2011

third time's a charm?

yep, we are entering our third sub zero temps snap of the season. i am sure there are more on the way.

no doubt skiing has been great, but i am glad i did not hear the term "epic" bandied about. the snow came in wet and heavy, and set up quick, making the ten new ski more like four. the beauty is, things are so filled in now, once the snowpack settles with this cold weather, and bonds, the backcountry could be just that, epic. but with high winds, snow loads could also be epic. multiple accidents occured in the snowmobiler's country, with one dead. i guess it is not the time to go jumping on cornices and convex rollovers.

with the mountain one hundred percent open, and the t-bar running, the high crowds of a saturday did not seem too overwhelming, unless you got caught in the 9ish traffic. otherwise, lines were minimal, given a ten inch saturday. and for those that skied into the canyon, snow was deep and seemed to be stable.

still, i have to wonder where the "3 feet in three days" came from. the big mountain website says 30 inches in the last 7 days, and my count from the phone line was 24 inches in three days (wed am to sat am). i do not think you can add the overnight+24 hour+daytime=total. just each 24 hour day added to the next.

personally, i am not sure how i am going to approach this weather. with high winds and cold temps, the skiing could be fantastic, but nervy in the BC, and below frigid on the chair lift. but it is beautiful out, and there sure is a lot of new snow, regardless how one does their accounting.

see you somewhere.

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