Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!!!

well, hope santa treated you all well this am. skies are clearing the day should be nice on the hill, and great in the BC.

yesterday i took some time to hike up the Big. with the snow packed, some spots were slick on the lookers left of toni matt. it is definetely tougher than preseason going right up the middle. but what i really want to say is how rude som many snowboarders were. i am sure they feel in complete control, but please, give us hikers some space. i had at least 5 come with 5 feet of me, at high speeds. the closest skier was probably 10 feet, and not as fast. once or twice i even flinched. i know it is more crowded up there right now, with out of towners and all, but in a gross generalization, i find snowboarders much more arrogant, obnoxious and oblivious to others on the hill. come on guys, we all play together. anyone?

it will be my last time hiking until the crowds die down, and glad to get one in, and the weather was fantastic. really, this is perfect weather and conditions for visitors. i hope we get enough new snow to keep things good, but let the big storms and cycles start again in earnest on jan 3.

happy new year all. hi ho silver, away!!!

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