Sunday, January 30, 2011

Arctic again?

i was prepared to talk about the great skiing, and then give an update tonight after a tour off the hill, but instead i sit at home and think about going to the wave for some exercise, and to not subject myself, and a lingering head cold to boot, to our fourth (or is it fifth) blast of arctic air. actually i am not sure if this is coming from the arctic, but it feels as though it is. with the wind and all

yesterday i took the am to go hit the track at stillwater. it was fantastic. when i hear of others carrying on about great groomed skiing, well, i just don't care. but getting onto a fresh groom on skate skis,now that is worthy. the course was beautiful even if the weather was not. just as i pulled into the parking lot, it started to rain. how many times has it rained this winter anyway? as another truck pulled in next to me, and we wondered if we would subject ourselves to the wet, i figured i had aleady driven the 20 minutes, i certainly deal with 30 of being wet. and then the rain stopped. it was fantastic. i kept it under an hour just so i could get in a full afternoon on the hill.

the hill was nearly empty on a saturday, so unusual. sure, we were fogged in, but it was snowing and the skiing was great. i can deal with those conditions way better than negative 300 with the wind chill going up the lift. later i heard the canyon and beyond were skiing great, having held up well thru the later week's warm temps. i was quite excited for today. and although i am sure there were many good turns to be had, i just was not ready to face this weather for a full 4-6 hours, so made the call by 8am.

now we get to wait and see how this wind changes safety.

once again, the proof of an adage an oldtimer told me years ago here, when the skiing is great, you had better go get it, because more than anywhere else,it czn change in a day.

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