Monday, June 28, 2010

sunny and warm

now this is some good weather. even as it cools off later this week, it is still going to be great. even if we have a few thunderstorms. nothing wrong with that, and right now lightening is not too much of a threat.

so mountain biking continues to be great, and the rivers are slowing down, for more boating and fishing should be getting better all the time. i have not been on any great adventures of yet, but they are not too far away. althought the word is that there is still lots of snow up around 7000' and less on northern aspects. so if you were really into it, i am sure there is some skiing to be had, beyond just the Going to the Sun Road and Logan Pass.

the TRail Runs Thru It, now officially the Whitefish Trail, is set to officially open on July 17, with events in town and on the trail that day. of course, it is open for daily use right now, but there are not signs up as yet. sounds like some last loops closer to the main trailhead at Lion Mtn. Loop are just about done, and super fun.

unfortunately, if you have not read a paper in weeks and had not heard, brad lamson has officially decided NOT to run his 100 mile Swan Crest race as an official race. but it is still going on as a non-sanctioned, no charge event. so anyone feeling it should continue training. but if 100 miles seems too much, i am trying to get some folks to go down and do lesser rides or runs and maybe throw some support to brad and Montana Conservation Corps, which is set to reap any proceeds. Unfortunately Keith Hammer (aka: ASSHOLE with nothing better to do) has forced the issue to where it was likely to cost race organizers and the USFS money in EA's and litigation. so i am trying to set up some support so that maybe this can become an event on the Swan. please post some comments and thoughts about this entire soap opera.

okay, summer is short. time to get outside.

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