Tuesday, June 22, 2010

more rain

went to seattle for the weekend. sounds like there was less rain there than here. since it happened to be the weekend before the solstice, and we were able to catch the 27th annual Fremont Solstice Parade. somewhere along the way, this festive parade was joined in by a group of byclists who i believe did so unofficially. they are now the higlight of the parade, as they ride loop after loop, NAKED! before the official start. in fact, they have brought in a naked mentallity to the entire affair, that sounds like it was for a while quite wild and crazy. now it is just a fun parade with a bit of debauchery, but mostly mild.

now we are back, and it sounds like it rained all weekend. yesterday was huge. and as wet as it has been, i have been informed by a fire and forestry expert, that in three or so short weeks of dry and hot, we will be back into fire territory. our soils are just so porous and weather so dry and non-humid, things change quickly. but at least for now i am assured our chances of a crown fire (the worst) are zero.

so, what is going on out there. what rivers are still providing good fishing, boating or viewing? of course, trail riding is okay if you don't mind getting wet and muddy. i am sure there is some good skiing, again, if you don't mind being wet, and likely cold.

i went to the DNRC's tour of the spencer trails system and advisory to upcoming logging. they are trying hard to sound positive towards recreation, and i believe them. i have been in several conversations towards making some of the trails "official". i am hoping for this to happen as early as this fall. at worst, it seems the state will allow heavy flagging of trails, so loggers can more easily avoid trails with their skidders and slash. i will try to keep this progress posted.

with all this water, i just have not been out doing much, so don't have much to report. so, as usual, hope others will join in with stories and input.

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