Wednesday, June 30, 2010

more on swan 100

although the swancrest is not going to be run as an official race, it is still going on as a non-organized event, with the plan of making it official next year, or soon. so my idea of lots of people showing up is to be ignored for the time being. maybe we can do something later in the summer to raise money and help this event become official. for now, let's hope that a good crowd of the serious ultra-marathon folks still show up to run, and hope they have great weather.

well, after a very wet 3-4 weeks, and spring in general, summer has come in with abondon. warm and sunny, although the next few days look a bit cooler. and remember, once we get thru july 4th, it is all guaranteed great weather. okay, maybe not, but usually july and august get pretty hot and dry. should be another great summer.

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