Monday, June 14, 2010

great weekend

well, the weather certainly came thru, and so everyone should have been busy. we certainly were over here in millerland. lots of biking, beer and relaxing. some time in the garden and yard. the days are about as long as they are going to get, so the time is now to be outdoors for more time than less.

bikefish week went well, but inclement weather took away from participants in our many guided rides. NO one showed up friday night, so pete and i just went out to pig farms and rode until dark. we did have a group of 11 yesterday out at pig farms, and showed some new folks some good times. it seems to me that that area gets more and more use. we had a few young adults, and a couple of young kids. the kids did well, but you really have to cater to their abilities.

it always seems funny to me to, to see the bikes people ride. not everyone has a tricked out, full suspension, disk brake machine. and it shows in their riding. but youth prevails, and they are able to counter bad bikes with energy.

the bike races went well this weekend. saturday's criterium had a big turnout of spectators and participants. and the kids race was huge. possibly one hundred 8 and unders rode one lap of the crit. one ringer, who was hundreds of yards in front of the rest. but they all had fun, and it was great to watch. hope for even more activities and attendance next year.

anyone watching the World Cup? it has been fantastic. US got a bit lucky to tie england, but we'll take it. if we continue to play as well, the second round should happen. then, who knows.

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