Friday, June 11, 2010


Man, has it been wet. but this weekend looks great, so time to get out there for a longer day.

still, the riding at least has been good. i imagine the boating is a bit washed out, at least the middle fork, but sounds like the swan is GREAT. anyone been on the Stillwater? And fishing? sounds like people are out there. anyone want to share a good river or two. not the section, just the river.

the new "Whitefish Trail" (was the trail runs thru it) is in great shape. and pete is working 6 days a week to get more open. but, pete and i learned the other day, as simple as it seems, one can get misplaced.

we led a group of six along the trail on wednesday evening, as part of Bikefish. we went from the Lion Mtn Loop trailhead, went up past Gogan's "driveway" which is near his new gate (this gate probably cost what many of us have into our homes. oh to be a billionaire). we decided as a group, to continue up to the next vantage point, about 10 minutes away. we had one novice rider, and a few minutes from the road, he decided he had had enough, and turned around. i should have gone with him, but the rest of the group was several minutes ahead, and i wanted to let them know, and he said, repeatedly, he was fine. so i tried to make sure he knew what trails NOT to go down, and he reiterated he was fine. so i joined the rest of the group. when we returned to the grouse mountain tennis courts from where we had started, his car was gone, so we were sure he was fine. after a bit more conversation, we all went our separate ways. only as i got into my car did he ride by. he waved hello and said he was fine, and i never saw him again. so, not sure what happened, but as he had been tired and ready to quit, i am pretty sure he did not purposely add to his ride. but somehow he had extended his ride, considerably.

maybe i should not be a guide? tonight, pete and i are leading another ride on the WFT. tonight, we are bringing cell phones and asking individuals their riding levels and experience. better safe than sorry.

let's hope for great weather, riding, boating, fishing, skiing, climbing or just hanging out with cold beverages.

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