Tuesday, June 1, 2010

june 1

it sure looks like a wet start to the rainy season, and as usual, we need the moisture. of course, we all want a sunny day or three, but just remember, each day of rain puts off summer fires just a little bit more. and since this was looking like a catacylmic fire season just a month ago, i am not ready to complain, yet.

i still like to think that every day at this time of year offers some openings when you can get out and play. it seems like once you get started riding, hiking or fishing, a bit of rain is not horrendous. an example. we were in ovando this long weekend, and the weather there was not much better than here. but we waited for our window, and got in two good hikes and a great ride in helena yesterday. we woke on monday to rain, but called a couple of shops in helena, and got word that it had remained mostly dry, with on brief showers forecast for memorial day. so we loaded up bikes and dogs, a few beers and snacks, and headed south. sure, we did get some rain, and a bit of mud, but overall, a great ride. in fact, it made the weekend. so no regrets.

today is the first farmers market downtown. not the best weather, but sure to be fun. time to get the rest of the garden done, get the flowers in, all that make summer so wonderful. so zip up the raincoat, carry some rain pants, and head on out.

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