Thursday, December 17, 2009

pineapple cake

yep, it is upside down, with a huge ice layer we are all aware of still there, as it will remain.  however, it is acting in many different ways. sorry for the very brief and informal discusion following. i will update in the am.  time is pressed. went on a brief tour off the ski area, and dug two pits and had it react differently in three different compression tests.  from moving while cutting, to hardly moving at all. then it did not seem to move much in an extended column test.  i think as much as anything, it is unpredictable, and best to stay away from open slopes above 30 degrees.

snow is heavy on top of ice, on top of light.  hence, the upside down pineapple cake.  right now the heavy is tough to manage, and overall, still punchy. and trail breaking is very tough.  okay, i will be more descriptive in the am.

thanks for the post, ep.  good to hear the office is keeping you safe. i hope not too much or too long.

okay, so the ski area continues its long time woes of getting open on time on days of heavy snow.  but to be angry at the ski patrol or the liftees is just wrong.  the liftees have nothing to do with it, and don't know more than they are told.  the patrol has it's work to do, and does not (to the best of my knowledge) have a team of avy guys who get to go up early on these days, like so many other areas.  are they too conservative? maybe, at times. but they have to consider everyone who is skiing, not just the experts who feel entitled to ski wherever, whenever.  look up off the easy street cattrack, below elkweed.  just as the trees open up, there is a fracture line.  this tiny type of event can bury someone.  people do get buried in bounds, and sometimes die. it happened 2 or 3 times last year. fortunately, not here.  so come on, let them do their jobs. our jobs are to have fun.  and as one of the great all time ski bums once said "there is no use getting stressed out when you are having fun!"

skiing inbounds changed dramatically over the week.  we are now skiing on top of all the light fluff, in the heavy new snow.  but this will supply us the base we need for the long winter.

okay, off to the whitefish review party.  hope to see some of you there, as it is always fun, and a good cause. 

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