Thursday, December 24, 2009

inbounds, december 23

well, unfortunately the skiing deteriorated from tuesday.  up high was great, but about mid mountain and down, the snow had frozen some, and gotten chunky.  stiff.  we need more snow, but nothing major is  forecast.  of course, it is what the tourists love.  clear, great groomers and the face is skiing great.  the crowds get a bit bigger every day, but still quite managable.  but, really, it is always managable here.  i skied at whistler a couple of years ago, right after new years, and remembered what big time ski resorts are like.  a ten minute lift line there was great.  here it is huge. 

right now hellroaring is open to the traverse.  the traverse is fast, but very rough.  on our second run, MA told an obviously intermediate couple about the terrain, lack of lift and tough traverse.  they turned around.  so much better for her to use her gentle demeanor than my rather rough one.  but a good idea.  how many dopes did you all see walking on the traverse. 

the old low traverse, (circa 1994, built by some true rogues, not the palin type) out of deeper in the basin is in. but if you have skins with you, it is likely quicker and easier to walk up the groomed slope back in bounds and ski out on the official traverse. 

take a look at my other post from today, as well as ted and greg's comments on the december 22nd post.  thanks and have a great christmas. 

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