Thursday, December 24, 2009


Here's a quick update on what we found in the Missions yesterday(12/23). Snowing all day, started skinning @ 4200'. Snow-pack 40-50cm's, topped off with a little new fluff on the supportable rain crust from last Sunday(12/20). Got up to about 7000'. Dug a very quick pit, snow-pack of 1m, rain crust from Sunday still present but under 30cm's of new snow. Soft slab failure on this rain crust while isolating back of a column with my shovel blade (I forgot my saw), so really more of a shear test than a compression test. Saw no evidence of the Turkey Ice Layer, just the normal NW MT pile of sugar at the bottom of the snow-pack. A couple of hard ski cuts didn't get anything to move. Nice low angle boot-top powder tree skiing on a supportable rain crust (for about 800' where logs weren't as covered). We need more snow.

this was sent to me by one of the followers of the blog

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