Saturday, December 12, 2009

getting there

just a quick note and more later.  death in hyalite canyon, near bozeman.  similiiar snowpack to ours.  it is on youtube.

i hope this will work. 
okay, skiing is getting better, and snow is in the forecast. but so is high winds.  could blow the snow away.  and make new hard layers. we will see.  ski today, stay warm tomorrow.
so, if you read the big mountains website, they are saying north bowl and evans are skiing like powder.  well, sort of. still very hollow, sugary and the last rain crust still apparent. but it was fun and with care can be skied well. and certainly more of a powder affect than groomers.  and this stuff needs to get skied in, BAD!
this weekend should help with that.  backside is completely open, but needs more skiers as well.  lower kodiak is a mess, and lower lift line is still pretty ugly as well.  some summer maintenance would help, but for now, new snow. 

so , this year the new rule when taking pass photos was no funny faces or hats or other garb near the face.  so of course i had to see what i could do.  my over exuberant smile passed by the photo clerk, but got noticed by a chair 7 liftee.  if anything, this should make it harder for someone to pass as me.  but it is the NEW big mountain, and rules are rules.  actually, he did not bust me, just asked when i had had the picture taken.  i wonder if they will track down the photographer for a lecture or worse.  man, am i glad i don't work up there.

okay, hope to see you.

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