Monday, December 14, 2009

great day!

well, for those who did not get to ski today,  try to make it up this week.  they opened the entire front side and it was fantastic.  still not really a base, but it was just great skiing.  on north and east facing slopes you can still feel the nov 28 rain crust, but could not on the face, good med and front side skiing. 

we have not had skiing like this in december for some time.  and with just over a week to go before xmas, it is a great time to ski the mountain with just a few hundred of our good friends. 

pasting on a comment about the base lodge.  i got two comments on this rant, and this is the one i like and can relate to. 

And on a side note…I do use the lodge. Tim went in for the first time last Saturday to hang with Cody by the fireplace so I could ski, …(I tried to send him to the stube, but it’s hard to set up a blanket on the stube floor.) I was at the outpost for the first time THIS weekend and HOLY SHIT, you are right, it IS for tourists, RICH tourists, but I did notice a few local parents doing the swap out so they could have kids AND ski…. day care on the mountain is sooooo expensive… there was one kid in the daycare. You can’t even hang out in that area WITH your kid if you don’t pay, wow!!! But I fully agree, the parking situation sucks, especially if you have all your ski gear and kid gear. AND the coffee at the outpost costs more than a top shelf cocktail at the Stube, and so helloooo…who the ef can afford a beer?…such BULLSHIT!!! Have you ever seen the brown bag lunch room in there as well?? There are NO TABLES???!!! Wow, can we screw the local any more????

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  1. Skiied at the Noisy Basin Ski Area yesterday. Slow opening to the season, only 1 other party there, some guy on a sled pulling a snowboard betty (didn't stop to pick me up).
    Lots of new blower snow but not much of a base below it, alder & other small trees still not knocked down all the way. Good powder skiing up high where there was enough new snow that you didn't break through the rain crust. Dug a pit @ 6500' on a N-NW aspect. Despite what was posted earlier, I found the lower snow pack, the 75cm below the rain crust, to be pretty solid. Not our normal supply of sugar down low, but a consolidated snowpack ranging from finger hardness for the 1st 10cm through 4 finger to fist just below the ice layer @ 75cm from ground. Ice layer was almost 1cm thick and pond-ice clear.
    Above the ICE LAYER was 50cm of fresh pow, fist at the bottom transitioning quickly to blower. Quick compression test yielded some reaction on the ICE LAYER with 3 taps from the elbow but no cohesive slab.
    Plenty of whomping while skiing & traveling, but no slab (yet) to move on the ICE LAYER.