Tuesday, December 8, 2009

f-ing cold

the cold continues, and the skiing is still the same. 202 people on the mountain yesterday, monday december 7th. i was not one of them. today could be less, with even lower temps.

tomorrow is first fraebert. will there be more people at it than actually skied. if you don't ski, don't work on the hill or live on the mountain, is it just to those who did or do, to drive up and lap the beer?

as soon as this cold breaks, i believe we will start to see some snow come thru. in the meantime, stay warm and take some walks to keep the muscles. is anyone out there having great snow?

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  1. We just got 2 feet in Northern NM. It was a great storm. It came in warm and then got cold as it progressed. We even had a snow day at school, but since I fighting a cold I didn't go up. I heard it was good though. Taos has a few expert runs open, but we need one more big dump, which we may get this weekend. Pray for snow!