Monday, January 9, 2012

sun shine

okay, for those of you who suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder, our continued sun has probably been a huge boon to you. but for those of you who do not suffer from this typical affect, but have what i call "reverse affect disorder" (too much sun resulting in little to no snow)times are tough. if you have tons of money, perhaps head north, as far as Ak, as it has been pounding up there since October. or if you have even more money, head across the big bay to Europe, as they are into a big winter, and of course the options there are unending.

but for those of you, like myself, where this is not an option, settle in for a bit, keep your fingers crossed and know that surely it must start sooner than later.

that is really all i have to say right now. it is just a tough go. the long range forecasts and "la nina" effect still point to a moist cold winter. i just got to believe that if the greater high pressure breaks down, here and off the pacific, and all the other climate effects stay in place, it is going to go off, here and elsewhere, and all us knuckleheads will go out and get crazy. until then, try not to go crazy upstairs.

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