Friday, January 27, 2012

more snow

well, one great week was followed by another, as it started snowing again early in the week. not as much snow this week, but the thicker quality actual made the turns as good, and for some of us, better. personally, i love the creamy texture we get when the temps are in the mid to upper 20's. especially since we just do not get the 2+ foot dumps. (like Fernie, who recieved two feet last monday night and then a foot during the day on tuesday. lucky few who timed that one right)

right now the resort is in Fantastic! shape. everything is completely filled in and pretty well packed in. sure, you can still hit some rocks in different cliff bands, as i did trying to get into a tight chute in the western bowl cliff band, but it was worth it, as the apron was full, untracked and deep.

i keep thinking about trying to find some ice to get up, but it keeps snowing, and after a brutal december, well, sometimes it is best to take what the snow gods give you when it is there, cause things can change quickly here.

had to turn down an offer to Turner Mtn. today, as we are headed south to Ovando (where it snowed nearly 3 feet in town last wednesday. that means on mon/tues, Fernie got close to 3 feet, and on Wed. Ovando got nearly 3 feet. right in the middle, well, we did well, with perhaps a foot on the mountains, but only 4-6 inches in town. so we continue to suffer the worst nordic year i have seen here in my 20 years. too bad, but there is some grooming still going on at Big Mtn and into Ironhorse) from Ovando, we are heading down to ski at Discovery, where I have not been in 20 years, so I really do not know how it is, but the backside sure looks like fun.

on a non-powder note: for any and all dog lovers, or friends of dog lovers/owners. please do not feed you pet:

anything with
any "food" product from China.

both of these are toxic to our loved ones, causing severe stomach and liver issues. also, though usually safe

Rymadil can prove an issue as well, so any sign of problem with this product should bring immediate cancellation of use.

all for now, cbm

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