Tuesday, January 3, 2012


well, i wish i could open with some amazing stories of deep powder and unabashed bliss. but unfortunately, the reality is, we are in what i am now calling the worst start to winter i have seen in my 21 years in the valley. although the resort is mostly open, and offers some good skiing, it is still shallow and there are numerous obstacles to watch out for, not the least of which were the holiday crowds. fortunately, the lift lines stayed at a reasonable level, and the weather was at times fantastic, it is just not happening yet. and worse, the weather forecast is pretty minimal going out about 10 days. i keep thinking the big push will start any day, but am losing some confidence.

this could all be calmed with a nice storm or two that at least brought enough snow to cover our valley and open up the nordic ski options, but that too looks off in the not immediate future. i have heard report that the glacier nordic club may begin grooming up on the old mountain trails any day, and am trying to confirm that. in the meantime, essex and blacktail offer decent options, if you are willing to drive an hour or so.

the backcountry remains extremely limited and with new snow and high winds late last week, i was concerned with high avy conditions. but for now at least, what can be found seems moderately stable. i would not go hucking into anything loaded or exposed, but gentle skiing may be good on mind, body and skis.

so for now, i continue to look for options to keep my body active, and keep my mind off the late november conditions here in early 2012. perhaps our friend kevin, somewhere searching for wind in the baja of mexico, found the right thing for this winter. certainly this was not the best year to be unemployed. i am certain that if i find some work, the snow will start, so perhaps i should make that sacrifice sooner than later. i am trying, for if that is what it takes to wake the snow gods from their long slumber, well, someone has to do it.

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