Friday, January 13, 2012


okay, i am ready to say the skiing is good. not great, like the typical Big reports say, but good. we have a pretty solid base, with mediocre coverage, but enough to carefully get where you want to go. the BC is in nice shape, FOR NOW! the addition of much new snow on top of several troublesome weak layers can (should i say, will) spell for a big avy cycle! so, of course, here comes a good sized cycle, moving in tomorrow, and building up strength into mid week and beyond. i don 't want to get too excited until it actually hits, so will temper my expectations, but i have my fingers crossed.

after a good conversation with an old time local, who was here thru the brutal winter of 2000/2001, he convinced me we are in much better shape this year than that. so again, with the addition of a good cycle, especially one that is extended, should make for some amazing skiing. front country to start with, then side-country, and finally, hopefully, after a avy cycle or two, some settling, some bridging, we could find ourselves in some incredible backcountry skiing for the second half of winter.

it might finally be time to break out the new, fat, early rise skis my incredibly, beautiful, wonderful, wife bought me for xmas!!!!!!!!

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