Wednesday, January 18, 2012

crazy lite

that is some light snow, and with the temps staying cold, it will continue to stay that way for a day or two more, before a small warming trend comes in. i heard two different guys who had lived in steamboat, compare it to some of the lightest snow they had skied down there, (which, if you do not know, is known for some of the lightest "champagne powder" in the world) this was in two different conversations.

for those into the out of bounds, well, the canyon is up to and over the head. but with it so light, you are actually skiing the bottom still. hopefully it just keeps piling up and we leave the hard packed base to those who want to ski groomers.

if we do get more snow and warmer temps, we will once again see a pineapple cake effect, with warm snow on top. this can be tricky, and it can also be very dangerous, especially given the ridiculous snowpack we have right now.

but it sure seems like we are on our way into winter and out of the extended high pressure autumn that has been nagging us for the past two months.

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