Thursday, February 24, 2011


man, it is cold as can be again. and with high winds, the ski hill is not even open (really) today. by my calculations, done by scientific memory method, this is our sixth snap with below zero temps.

an old adage and theory, of myself and others who have been here for more than a few years, it that once we get to about mid-feb, the worst of the weather is over, with little risk of these severe low temps. but the last couple of years has contested that viewpoint, and i find it hard to believe this is the last such arctic front we will see this year.

so while yesterday found some good to great skiing in spots (see the post that will show up at the top, next on my list of to do), the wind howled all night last night, and has certainly added to dangerous windload, scoured some more aspects and did some damage to our precious resource. that being said, i am sure there is some great skiing to be found between 4500' and 6500', in trees, where the wind affect was moderated or perhaps even enhanced the skiing. but i do not expect much in the alpine to be of any use for a bit, and travel in these conditions is nothing short of brutal anyway.

so dress warm, ski and travel safe and when you find the right spot, you will know it, because you will have entered the "white room" (no, not the one in WF, but the real one.)

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