Sunday, February 27, 2011

deep and light

after an incredible day on wednesday, followed by some very not so incredible day with super cold temps and more high winds, i headed back to the frontcountry and side country slopes of the Big today, sunday. it felt like a mid week day. basically no one was there, zero lift line, and new snow coming. this day really had the feel of the mid-ninties. the snow was super light, and probably piled 6 new by the four in the afternoon. but such light snow on firm packed powder makes for good skiing, but not great.

so what was great. why do i bother to write this after 10pm, when i have to get up at 4 am and head south into the bitterroots for the week? well, let's me just say,if you read this, before it warms too much, get your ASS into the creek.

waist deep, light, fast, face shots, reminiscent again of the mid-ninties. minimal tracks are still found, the snow felt stable , the wind had not affected the area. anyone who can, needs to get out there, because it is the highest level. "that was ORGASMIC" i heard one experienced skier (not under 25, by the way) say. it sure was.

enjoy the week. more snow is coming and with luck, no ra, ra, ra, oh, i cannot write it. you know.

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