Thursday, February 17, 2011

big dump

one of our bigger overnight dumps. great skiing was had by all, and i do mean all. where do all these people come from? doesn't anyone work anymore? there were substantial lift lines until nearly noon. but it was great skiing, so not really that surprising.

got to ski a few runs with the great cody T. she is still as good a skier as there is on the hill. so it was quite a surprise to see her at the top of haskill's slide pulling a ski out of the snow. but there had not been some great head plant, just a malfunction of her bindings.

also had a great run into the canyon. new snow seemed totally bonded with the old, on all exposures, and the skiing was over the knees. with this somewhat heavier snow, there were not face shots to be had, but it was still deep and soft. with slightly colder temps coming in, and some more snow, anything over 4 inches could turn those turns into mid thigh face shots. or, just put on some old school skis and sink to your chest. you just might not come out, or worse, remember how to ski old technology. i doubt i can.

by the end of the day, the damage to the hill had been done. sure, it was still soft, and some deep searches into trees will still find some untracked spots, this place no longer offers untracked lines for days after a storm. so let's hope the snow gods hit the refresh button again, tonight, before the wave of president's weekenders arrive.

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