Monday, February 21, 2011

race day

GREAT race at stillwater nordic yesterday. the fourth (or fifth) annual "broken-binding" 32 or 48 km skate race. probably had 60 plus participants and a lot of smiling, worked over faces. i know i am still stiff and tired, and i only did the 32. but the conditions were superb. fast, nearly perfect snow, except for the lake portion. this could be improved with an alternate return course that does not go over murray lake, but that would require the state to allow the stillwater team to build new trail, and that is likely just a bit too forward thinking for the logging first mentality that is anchored into the dnrc minds. not to get into politics or anything. just trying to keep it interesting.

so the race was great, tons of prizes, great food provided by lisa stiener. and since she was busy cooking, there was one less person ahead of me. my highlights were finishing, not coming in last, not getting lapped, and finishing ahead of rob m, who to his credit, had put in a pretty big day in the bc the day before. i had spend saturday, learning that you cannot drive a snowmobile, just like a car, without adequate anti-freeze, before the thing will overheat. no harm done, and a good lesson learned.

more snow in the forecast. we have not had too many amazing days on the hill, but two straight months of consistently good skiing, and great backcountry. lets hope the snow continues into march.


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