Tuesday, February 15, 2011

melt down

holy end to the la nina winter. no not really, but it sure got warm. went off for the weekend, where it was also quite warm, came home to much ice, dirty snow and overall spring feeling. not too inspiring for mountainous skiing, so i took to the nordic track this week in hopes of competing at stillwater this weekend. if the new snow projected does not totally engulf the track, it should be great, and a cancer fundraiser to boot.

yep, new snow and some cooler temps are again on the way. started late this am. off and on right now, but forecast sure looks good. this might not be best for the aforementioned race, which would probably be best suited with a 2-4 new, cold temps and lots of grooming to make it super fast. which is more fun, and gets one off the track more quickly with less effort. a soft track could make for a slow, difficult slog.

but that would mean, POWDER! so, it really is a no lose situation.

unless it rains.


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